Who We Are

My “Band” and I produce this blog for those needing an escape from their daily routine.  Take a few minutes and ride with me, ‘Namaste,’ as we experience the history of my ancestors, the adventures awaiting us, and the future of the Colonial Spanish Horse.

We’ll be narrating our stories with photos and entertaining you with video of my daily activities.  If you’re a horse lover, you should feel right at home!

Whether an owner of horses or you’ve fantasized about owning one, this is the trail you’ll want to be on!

Let’s get acquainted!

I was born March 1, 2017, with a remarkable history to communicate.  I reside in Southeast Oklahoma on private property with my family and friends.  My buddy Bryant and ‘Mamma D’ take care of my needs.

My homeplace is part of the Bar D Ranch-Spanish Mustangs, owned by Uncle Harold and Aunt Donna Davis.

In March 2014 the State of Oklahoma legislature passed a resolution designating our breed, the Colonial Spanish Horse, as the official Heritage Horse of Oklahoma.  I’m going to be registered in the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association, a registry created by Gilbert H. Jones to preserve my heritage and breed.

There is a lengthy history of my descendants, both horse and human, who have been in the spotlight.  An extensive list of written material and media coverage exists, and we hope to share a lot of that with you right here.

I extend a “hoof” to you and predict our future together is going to be bursting with grins, nays, chuckles, snorts, tears and many unknowns.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Now a few words from my human mamma, Mamma ‘D’…

These vibrant, colorful, majestic creatures are one of God’s most treasured creations.  They have a significant story, and our ‘Namaste’ is the ideal one to convey it.  She comes from a long line of great history.

We will revisit both the Rickman’s and the horse’s past hardships.  We ride into the present day’s activities and look into a future with an undetermined outcome.

Praying daily for answers to some of my own questions, I was led to the writing of this blog and a filly I hadn’t yet met.  All in hopes of making a difference for my friends and their horses.

I recognize we can’t all be burdened with devoting our days to writing about horses, photographing their movements, capturing their encounters or slinking into their thoughts.

I find myself a fortunate soul to have a family who allows me this time.  The passion for wanting to write their story, and friendship with Bryant and Darlene Rickman who allow me the incredible opportunity to do something I love.

These are doors that have opened, and I only hope I may be able to make a small difference before they close for good.

Let’s ride together and see where the trail leads as we continue ‘A Horse’s Tale’ straight from the horse’s mouth!

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and Mamma ‘D’