Trickery and Tickery

Trickery is what we call this!  My buddy Bryant, a crafty one, using our own greedy ways against us.  Well buddy, let me tell you, you may have won this battle but…

The “free handout.”  Yes, feed, it has put us in several uncertain situations.  The passion we have with food has guided us right into imprisonment before.  On this day, the shake of a feed bucket and there we were, in unknown territory.  We should hang our heads in shame!

The reason for putting us behind bars.  The “winter tick.”  This bloodsucker is what my buddy Bryant and ‘Mamma D’ were looking for.  Well, I figured my sisters would be hosting these nasty critters, they are more on the “tom-horse” side than me.  I’m just sweet ‘Filly,’ my daddy’s girl and I don’t allow creepy, crawly things to live on me.

Then it happened!  While we were penned I saw my buddy Bryant point and say, “Look here, she’s got them all over too.  She’s got a blood spot, one must have popped when she rubbed against the bars.”  I followed his finger and well, pointing directly at ME he was.

What?!  Covered in them?  Get those nasty things off me!!!   SOS!!!

The process to discard the “winter tick” is quite the sight.  Penned into a small area, all of us scared of the unknown, my buddy Bryant standing over us with something in his hand.  Soon the white powder was flying everywhere!  We were being covered in what they called “dusting powder.”  Once we realized it wasn’t hurting most of us calmed down.  I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of jumping, kicking and a whole lot of “daddy snorting” going on!

You can see from the video my daddy was almost turned white.  My buddy Bryant made sure he got him good!  Guess if this is what we must do to remove those horrible little bloodsuckers than it’s not so bad.  The “winter tick” must go!!

And maybe, just maybe, there will be a bite of food at the end?  Trust me, I said that with my head hung in shame…really!

Keep your eye on daddy in the video, he’s a funny one!  But please, never ever show my daddy this…a stallion must never think he looked like this!  I can’t help it though, it’s still funny!

We’ll ride again soon,
Much Love,
‘Namaste’ (aka ‘Filly’)

(NOTE:  Once my buddy Bryant saw the video he asked me to make this one tiny correction…but a very important one.  He usually begins dusting for the “winter tick” in October/November, however this year they’ve seemed to hit a bit earlier.  It is in the first two weeks of December when he will begin to find horses that have lost their fight against these bloodsuckers, something that is out of any humans control, even my buddy’s.  I had originally posted the “winter tick” season usually begins in December…that was incorrect and I apologize for the error, it seems sometimes I allow food to even get in the way of listening to the stories!  Another shameful moment and I hope you accept my apology.  Much Love, ‘Namaste’ (aka ‘Filly’)