There’s No Place Like Home

Part #3 – In our final piece of the story, “Top Rail” returns home.

When we had them all loaded from the trap, we hustled down the highway to the Made and Wilson Locke Pasture.  Once we arrived, “Top Rail” and his band were released into a “holding Pen.”  They were sure ready to get out of their “limo” even if they didn’t know where they were.

“Top Rail” and his son immediately noticed the stallion residing next door.  They trotted over to introduce themselves.  They had to let him know there were new stallions in town.  “Top Rail” made one more visit to the younger neighbor, exchanged a few words, and a couple of stomps with his hoof.  The older stallion knew just what to say, and after that, he didn’t seem to need to revisit.

His son, “Mid-Rail” didn’t feel the same way.  He continued to go over and stomp his front leg while squealing.  The neighbor stallion didn’t show much of a reaction.  Of course, he knew he would be leaving town in a couple of days.  Our friend Kara would be taking him, and two others home to Colorado.

Once sure they were going to be safe and secure, water was available, and a little feed poured out; we were off.  Bryant was just a few minutes late to his mom’s 90th birthday. That is a milestone you can’t miss!!  I returned home with a big smile and lots of beautiful photos.  And something to look forward to.  Returning “Top Rail” to his home place, finally!

The next afternoon they were back in the trailer, probably wondering where their next stop would be.  We did have one exception.  The two-year-old stallion, “Mid-Rail” was missing.  He was left back in the pen.

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Nest Stop?

Horse instinct would be kicking in soon and “Top Rail” would be “kicking” the two-year-old out of his band.  Other than taking his freedom, it made the decision easy.  Bryant didn’t want to see either of these stallions injured, so “Mid-Rail” would stay behind until we could figure out where to move him.

The closer we got to Fossil River, the more “Top Rail’s” nostrils flared.  I think he smelled “home.”  He was looking out the trailer window scanning the area he could see.  He knew where he was going.

Arrival at our destination and time to exit.  The trailer gate opened and “Top Rail” and band began to unload.  I hear running behind me, becoming louder and louder.  I turned around and who do you think I saw?  If you guessed “Chief Milton” pat yourself on the back!!  Yes, he came to welcome us.

Not knowing what kind of “showdown” this would turn out to be, the camera was ready and I was as close to a tree as I could be.  The two stallions spoke a few times.  “Chief Milton” showed “Top Rail” his stallion stance, which didn’t seem to impress.

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Showing His “Stallion Stance”

We only had one encounter.  A few kicks exchanged and then what appeared to be a dual show of respect between the two.  Before long they went their separate ways.

It was unquestionable that the young colt had enough of it all.  He let a little call out, and before we knew it, he was leading the band down the trail.  “Top Rail” fell in behind him and before long they were out of our eyesight.

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“Come On, Let’s Go!”

Two feelings were mixing as I watched them head out.  One was pure joy knowing “Top Rail” was back home.  The other was sadness.  When will I see my old friend again?  I hope it will be soon.  Until then I guess I have “Chief Milton” LOL!

The following photographs I wanted to share with you.  I think they provide us with a clear message.  They want to go home!

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’


Note:  The two-year-old stallion “Mid-Rail” has been spoken for.  He caught their eye when they were visiting us recently, and this week they sent a message they wanted to purchase him.  We are excited he will be going to a caring, new home with great owners and doing some wonderful things.  They’ve promised to keep us updated on his progress, and we look forward to that!  Congratulations and please, let us know what his new name will be LOL!!!


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