The Move

In our last post, we shared the story of relocating Mr. Blues, Mudslinger, and MP’s Bo to their new location.  Today we share a short slide show of the day Mr. Blues was moved.

In true character, Mr. Blues departed the horse trailer with his head held high and smelling the freedom of his pen.  His delight to run without barriers is portrayed in these photos. 

Magnificant Moments

To watch this stallion move are some of the most beautiful moments.  Hearing his hooves hit the ground as he lets himself go is like music playing in the wind.  When he springs through the air with all four legs off the ground, you can almost feel the happiness in his heart. 

These are the seconds we find ourselves joined in their spirit.

Mr. Blues, you have become a favorite no doubt.  I don’t think it would be mistaken to say you are adored by many!

Enjoy the show!!

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

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