Step Into My “Hooves”

Step into my “hooves” for just a moment.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a horse?

What do we do all day?  We graze, nap, and once in a while, you can find us splashing in the pond.  The temperatures are rising day by day which makes it harder to get in the mood to do much of anything.  Those pesky flies are out and about, and our views never really change.  Sounds pretty boring right?

So, could anyone blame us if we took something my buddy Bryant left behind and used it to entertain ourselves with?  In full disclosure, we may have caused damage to it.  But if this filly doesn’t have entertainment she becomes a dull filly!

When my buddy and ‘Mamma D’ moved us to the new home place they left the horse trailer here.  Being smart humans, they used it as a hide-a-way for our feed buckets.  We knew they were in there but never could figure out how to get that side door to the trailer open.  Leaving the buckets safe and secure.

Last week my buddy hooked his truck up to that trailer and drove away.  Um, he left the feed buckets under a tree by the pond.  Too much sun?  I don’t know what he was thinking either, but what were we supposed to do?  Ignore them?  I tried buddy, I really did!

He wasn’t much out of the gate when ‘Lil Tenne’ began the investigating.  Picking out one bucket to concentrate on.  The only thing between us and pure bliss was the obnoxious lid.  Oh yeah, there was a time my buddy Bryant didn’t cover the buckets, and a horse could easily sneak a bite or two when he turned his back.  Now the buckets all have lids.  Thank you, Aunt Cathy!  I’m not sure how you get those here from Michigan but next time you’re in town, let’s talk!

After pouring all our effort into releasing the cover with no satisfaction, we decided to have a bit of fun.  It didn’t take a lot of messing around before we had the bucket on its side.  Oh, we rolled it, bit it, kicked it and then something remarkable happened.  A small crack appeared.  More pushing, biting and kicking and the crack turned into a hole.  Before we knew it our game of “horse soccer” put a couple of holes in the bucket and we hit the “feed mine.”

There was no human adult supervision and before long the bucket was emptied of its contents.  If it makes my buddy Bryant feel any better, I know three fillies that were very content and full that evening!  And I have to say the new game, “horse soccer,” not too bad.

While my sisters continued playing with the bucket I practiced my “feed pan carry.”  Did you know you can carry one of those around?  I can flip it upside down, tote it high or low, and even play peek-a-boo with it.  What a fantastic toy it has turned out to be!  And if I get my carry perfected, I can win a lot of praise and maybe even get my pan filled with feed!

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As with all things, my sisters always think they have to crash my party.  The good news?  ‘Sugar Baby’ doesn’t have a long attention span and ‘Lil Tenne’ appears to like the bucket better.  I do have to apologize for the slight rip in the pan, I think ‘Lil Tenne’ did that playing tug-of-war.

See how a little horse sense can pay off.  We can find things to keep us entertained.  Of course, if our human friends would like to bring us some, we are always open to new toys.  We’ve got plenty of time on our “hooves,” let’s see what else we can find to use as entertainment.

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Using my Horse Sense!

Until we meet again,

Much Love, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

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