“Showdown” Video Clips

Okay friends, it’s ‘Mamma D’ here.  If you haven’t already seen our “Showdown at Fossil River” video we posted on our A Horse’s Tale Facebook page you will want to watch it first.  You can view it here.

So, I try to keep myself out of photos and videos.  I always have, it’s nothing new.  I would much rather turn the lens on more interesting people and events.  Today, however, I thought we’d do something different and share what goes on behind the scenes.  You won’t see me actually, but you’ll definitely know I’m there!

If you are a subscriber to the blog and have read my recent story about “Chief Milton,” “Eye of the Stallion” https://www.ahorsestale.net/eye-of-the-stallion/  you will understand my reaction in this video.

This provides an excellent view of our relationship and that I wasn’t fibbing when I say he can make me run, climb, crawl and much more!  Since you had fair warning I won’t apologize for my behavior nor the shakiness of the video.  Just know in future ones with “Chief Milton” and myself, if I run guess what?  You will be running with me!  If I climb…that’s right…you are climbing with me!  Oh, we’re going to have so much fun filming this stallion!!

The one thing we almost always forget.  How close we are to the microphone.  Yes, it is true.  I want you to know I try to edit all words that should NOT be heard.  Therefore I do apologize if I miss one.   There are situations I find myself in when a “bad” word slips out of these lips!

Listen, I’m not going to lie.  When there are two large-sized stallions heading in my direction, one being “Chief Milton,” and my friend is saying “get up there, get up there” with his hand on my back gently shoving me toward them, it’s going to happen!!!  Oh yes, there are going to be a few “not so nice” words slip.  I can almost gurantee that.  I’m only human.

In all honesty, “Chief Milton” doesn’t even have to be running toward me to make one of those words possibly slip out!  That’s just our relationship.  It is what it is and will always be.  There will be more about that to come in the future.

Really though, I’m having a blast watching these beautiful, majestic creatures doing their natural behavior in different settings!  I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity and appreciate the experiences.  I believe you should still take pity on my “equine teacher” Bryant though.  He does have his work cut out for him with this student!

Just the other day I asked him a question about a horse and his response was, “girl, how many times, how many…”  Well, I couldn’t provide him an answer because I don’t know.  I’m sure it’s going to be more than once though!

But the other day I taught him something.  I showed him that spending ten minutes trying to unlock a gate lock with the wrong key is a total waste of time!  He had nerve to tell me he already knew that.  Is there nothing I can teach this guy?

Do you know what?  Life is short, and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we sure shouldn’t be able to laugh at anyone else.  So, I hope you enjoy the video clips, go ahead and laugh if you need to.  We’re all friends, and if we’re not maybe we should be!

Much Love, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’