“Saved By The Bid”

We are doing today’s post a little bit different.  I wasn’t with my buddy Bryant for this trip, nor was ‘Mamma D’ so we’ve decided the best way to share it with you is to let him tell you in his own words.  And who doesn’t feel like listening to my buddy Bryant tell a story?  He’s the best!

This story takes place on October 28, 2017 in Sydney, Texas at an Estate Auction for the late Judge Paul H. and Jacquelyn Till.  The auction was to include eight Spanish Mustang horses, one which held a special meaning for my buddy Bryant.  An agreement made eleven years ago, a promise never passed down ended up leading to a last-minute trip to retrieve a mare.  One horse was the plan, three horses was the result for Bryant and his longtime friend, Stanley Clark.  “Saved By The Bid” is a video story told on how eight horses were saved from “killer buyers” to be given safe and loving homes.  This true story proves once again that Bryant, and those he calls friends who share his passion for them, will go that extra mile to save these horses.

2 thoughts on ““Saved By The Bid”

  1. Tracy Parnell

    😢🤧, Cried. What an experience. I just hope that more people will be like this and someone to fallow in there steps for the horses sake and the love of decient men and women!!! Thank You!

  2. Jim stephens

    It’s hard for me to grasp the lifelong dedication that these two men have for these horses. The sacrifices they and their families have made are legendary, especially when they do it for love not money!!!