Accomplishments, Changes, and Loss

The memories we have from 2018 put a smile on our face. Some make us laugh with joy and others bring tears to our eyes. We call this life!

I’ve had the privilege of spending numerous hours with our friend, Bryant.  He’s made me smile, laugh, and has brought a tear to my eye.  We call this friendship! 

Though I’ve never claimed to be a “writer” or “photographer,” I’ve had a blast doing both.  We at A Horse’s Tale are not flawless.  Mistakes will be made.  We call this being human!

Our Journey

We hope you’ve relished the journey so far.  And we invite you to continue with us as we trot into 2019.

I was asked about plans for a new Christmas video like the one we did last year. Apparently, a few of you liked it. I’ve also talked to some who asked for more photos and video.

Then the question became, what did I want to do this year or more like what do I have the talent to do? LOL. I considered several different things before settling on a 2018 review. I set out to put together a video using 2018 photos, and…

Here we are!  I hope you enjoy the slideshow!!

Our 2018 in Review

Plans have been made for 2019. I’d love to add more video with Bryant, more photos of the horses, and more stories of the day to day activity around these parts.  The challenge is always trying to find the time to get all the other things done while attempting to do what we enjoy… Share stories, pictures, and video with you!!

Be patient and keep watching…we’re going to put our best “hoof” forward and try to accomplish great things next year!!

Be safe out there.  And we wish each of you a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year!!

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

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