Our Tale

My “Band” and I produced this blog for anyone looking to leave the limits of their daily routine and ride along with me, ‘Filly,’ to experience my explorations, my history and explore the future of the Colonial Spanish Horse-Mustang.

If you are a horse lover you will feel right at home.  I will be narrating my tales, sharing photos and entertaining you with videos of my daily discoveries.  Whether you own horses or have fantasized about possessing one of your own, this is the trail you will want to be on.

Let’s get acquainted!  I was born March 1, 2017 and I have a remarkable history to communicate.  I reside in Southeast Oklahoma on private property with my family and friends.  I am part of a resolution which passed March 2014 that designates the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish Horse as the official Heritage Horse of Oklahoma.  One day, when I receive my official name, I will be registered with the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association, a registry created by Gilbert H. Jones to preserve my heritage and breed.  There is a lengthy history of my descendants, horse and human, who have been spotlighted in an extensive list of written material and media coverage.

I extend a “hoof” to you and predict our future together is going to be bursting with grins, nays, chuckles, snorts, tears and many unknowns.  I look forward to seeing you soon!  Now a few words from my human mamma, Mamma ‘D’…

These vibrant, colorful, majestic creatures are one of God’s most treasured creations.  They have a significant story and our ‘filly’ is the ideal one to convey it.  Throughout this blog, we will revisit their past hardships, ride into the present day and look into a future which has an undetermined outcome.  I have desired for the past 16 plus years to do more for this breed and prayer has led me to do this blog with our ‘filly.’

I recognize we can’t all be burdened with devoting our days sitting with our little filly, capturing her encounters and slinking into her thoughts, so I welcome you to subscribe to our email so you don’t overlook new posts.

Let’s ride together and see where the trail leads as we begin ‘A Horse’s Tale’ straight from the horse’s mouth!

Much Love,

‘Filly’ and Mamma ‘D’