My “Band”

My experiences and adventures include some of my best friends, whom without would not be as enjoyable.

Let me present my “Band”…

Chickasaw Princess is my horse mom and one of my best friends!  She is a Spanish Colonial Horse (Mustang) who is Grulla colored.  My horse mom is educating me every day…where the fences are, how to find water, feed and hay.  She has familiarized me with humans, some of which I deem as friends.  We spend a lot of our time together grazing and I like to play with my horse mom, she is entertaining!



horseDocumentary is my father, also a Colonial Spanish Horse (Mustang) who is Dun Tobiano colored.  My dad snorts a lot when outsiders come near, he is not as welcoming as I am but I’m working on him.  He is continually observing the  area, guarding me and protecting my naivety.  I bear more of a resemblance to my dad and imagine when I become an adult I will look more like him.  I am a “daddy’s girl!”



Gilbert Jones

Gilbert H. Jones established the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association in 1977 and served as President until 1998. Gilbert passed away in 2000 at the age of 93, so I never had the opportunity to encounter this legend.  I’ve been informed that Gilbert dedicated his life to preserving my heritage and breed, the Spanish Colonial Mustang.  It is an accurate testimonial that without him neither I nor a lot of my ancestors would be here today.  The stories I blog about today commenced with Gilbert Jones and we remember him by sharing them with you.  I sense that Gilbert would be satisfied with the progress my horse and human friends persist in making for the Spanish Mustang.  I have no doubt he continues to ride the trails!


bryant rickman Bryant Rickman is my “titleholder” and one of the first to see me. When he retired as an Ag teacher he gained the task of safeguarding the future of my ancestors and in 1998 embarked on ensuring his pledge to Gilbert to carry on the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association (SSMA).  Bryant labors all day and a lot of nights, making sure all of us horses are fed, watered and taken care of physically.  He has a particular call he performs, and when we hear it we dart in his direction as we recognize it leads to dining! Bryant recounts our past by sharing stories, some funny, some sad,  but each one reveals the history of the Heritage Horse of Oklahoma and how we have endured.  Bryant is one of my best friends and I look forward to his visits!


rickman mustangsDarlene Rickman is also a “titleholder” and Bryant’s wife for 40 plus years.  I don’t get the opportunity to visit with her as often, but when I do I enjoy listening to her stories, and I particularly like to hear her laugh!  Darlene has assembled the research and records of my horse family and friends for numerous years, and can guide you to the article, book or historical detail you are investigating. I’ve overheard she is a skillful cook who takes pleasure in raising something identified as chicken…I wonder if she cooks those?  She has applied countless hours tending to the horses and we value all of her efforts!  Darlene is a fantastic pal and I anticipate spending more time with her, after all you can’t help but to adore such a kind, strong, beautiful soul!


southeast oklahoma

Jim Stephens is a humorous guy!  Jim resides in Texas with his wife, Anita and family.  His ancestors are from this area which was the draw for his purchasing property in Southeast Oklahoma.  He owns a few tracts of land in the region and leases a portion of the acreage to my buddy Bryant.  The arrangement permits my horse family and friends a protected environment, safe from harm.  When Jim visits he typically invites my human friends to something labeled a cabin, some day I expect to discover what this is and be invited too!  Jim is a grand supporter of my horse family and friends, a human I respect a great deal.  I watch for him to pop in as I always experience the unexpected when he is here!


horses tale

Mamma ‘D’ is my assistant, editor, picture taker and my human mamma.  She spends a lot of time visiting with me and my family and friends.  There is usually a notebook, recorder, camera and sometimes a computer found in the vicinity, all the essentials she requires to get my stories to you.  Mamma ‘D’ and I have been bonding since Day 1, and have faith our connection will endure a lifetime.  Soon we will enjoy spring, new foals and more grass, so be sure to stick with us, Mamma ‘D’ and I will keep the stories coming!