Happy New Year!!

We apologize for the lack of posts so far in 2019.  Our excuse is a simple one, life! 

It has been so crazy this first couple of weeks that I haven’t even stepped foot in a pasture to snap any photos!  Now you know I must have been busy.

Every time I thought about sitting down to write something popped up. 

We’re going to do better though!!!

Got the “Blues”

I know a lot of our friends fell in love with the blue stallion, who I am now calling “Mr. Blues.”  Bryant and I were going to begin working with him, however in all honesty we haven’t found the time!

We’ve moved him to a bigger stage where “Mr. Blues” can continue dancing. Friday, January 12 we moved him. No fretting…we will continue to monitor those dance moves that captured our hearts a few months ago.

Raining Cats, Dogs, and Horses

The forecast all week was an “all day rain event” for Friday.  Bryant and I had the goal of moving and photographing “Mr. Blues” before the rain started. 

As usual, our timing was off.  When I woke Friday morning the skies were grey but not rain had fell yet.  Bryant texted first thing, “come on, no rain” and I rushed around the house preparing for departure.  Grabbing a coffee on the way out the door, I exited the drive.  Once on the highway, I called him to let him know I was moving toward his location.

It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes after hanging up with Bryant the drops of rain began landing on my windshield.  I still held the hope that I would beat the storm and we would indeed get pictures done. 

By the time I made the turn out of town toward Bryant’s house I was in a downpour of huge raindrops.  Wonderful.   

Not Made of Sugar

I arrived at the pasture about the time the rain lightened, somewhat.  I was instructed to leave my car and jump in the truck.  As I usually do, I followed directions, and in a few minutes, we were driving through the acreage to the “drop off” point. 

“Mr. Blues” and his friends, “Mudslinger” and “MP’s Bo” were about to be introduced to some fellow stallions.  We shouted a “yippee-ki-yay” when we saw several of the stallion occupants waiting for our arrival.

First off the trailer, “MP’s Bo.”  There wasn’t too much action as Bo usually makes friends wherever he goes.  A few minutes later “Mudslinger” was off.  A bit more action as he likes to make his presence known.  He soon realized he might not be in charge once meeting “Chocco.”

Lastly, “Mr. Blues” made his appearance.  Interestingly most of the stallions gathered around him as if they knew he was a sight to see.  Just a few minutes later he found himself alone with “Chocco” as they figured out who was who.

By now it the rain was coming down harder.  Now I’ve been told on many occasions that I’m not made of sugar. Therefore, I would not melt. LOL.  So, I covered my camera and pointed the lens.  Here are the results.

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    'MP's Bo" is Greeted

Catastrophe Averted

After photographing and realizing the temperature had dropped, we loaded up and headed back toward the gate.

As we approached my car, Bryant yelled, “**it, did we leave the gate open?”  Now I’m not sure where the “we” comes in, but in fact yes, the gate was left open.  Once I stopped laughing at his reaction I answered, “yes, I thought you knew and figured my car being parked in the middle would keep them from escaping.”  Inaccurate. 

The good news, no stallion found the open gate.  The bad news, I had to get out in the pouring down rain to get to my car. 

By the time we arrived at the feed bin to pick up some buckets, the rain had begun to lift.  We were able to visit a couple of more pastures before what Bryant would say; I abandoned him to meet some friends for dinner. 

“Hay,” he joined us afterward, so the day was a success ending with full bellies and lots of laughs!  And it doesn’t get better than that.

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

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