“A Horse’s Tale” Merry Christmas

So, we’ve heard the story about this jolly Santa Claus fellow.  How on Christmas Eve he will be flying around in the sky with his eight reindeer.  He will land on rooftops and deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.  And how everyone leaves him milk and cookies next to the Christmas tree.  What?!  That’s a lot of milk and cookies wouldn’t you say?

My only question is about these deer.  We’ve lived our whole lives with these deer and though we’ve seen them jump high when needed, we’ve never seen them fly.  Especially not high enough to land on a roof.  Explanation please.  ‘Mamma D’ says these on the home place aren’t “reindeer.”  Hmmm, okay, I’ll believe that one I guess.

After Christmas Day is over we move into December 31st, which ‘Mamma D’ says is the last day to 2017.  We begin a new year, 2018.  Wow!  Then she shared these things called “resolutions” with us fillies.  Well, the “going on a diet” we don’t need.  We are in great shape!  The “work out more.”  We work out all the time, always running we are, “hay” feel free to come join us.  “Quit smoking.”  We have no idea what that even is, but if you are trying that we wish you good luck.

After much consideration me and the girls have come up with the perfect “resolution” for us.  Us fillies are going to work on not letting the “free handout” of feed dictate our every action, because we find ourselves in those precarious situations and then there’s no escape.  Let’s see how long we can keep our “resolution.”

Below you will find a short “A Horse’s Tale Christmas Video” we put together for you, our family and friends!  We hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

See you in 2018 when we’ll continue riding through our adventures and stories.

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ (aka ‘Filly’)