Where Does The Time Go?

When one has contact with these many horses on these many pastures, she has access to tons of photographs.  Hence, hours of downloading, reviewing, editing, saving, and then determining which picture is used for which blog and/or Facebook post.

Before that process is finished, I’m not sure what occurs.  I visualize myself being pulled up into a vortex of some type; several days pass when I’m spit out in front of the computer.  The pictures are still there waiting on me, but wait, there are 400 new ones that I must have taken while I was gone.  Guess what?  They’re better, of course!

Photos are ready so I get underway with writing my story.  But while taking the new pictures, another story pops into my head and is now swarming with nine million other thoughts, so I have to begin writing on it.  Yes, that’s right.  Saved on my computer are several half-written stories screaming to be completed and shared to the blog.

If only I could pull myself out of the pastures and away from you know who. LOL!

Oh, then there are the videos.  If you haven’t made a video let me tell you, don’t start!  Love seeing the outcome, but getting there is perhaps one of the reasons my visits to the hairdresser for colorings have increased.  Well, that and I’m guessing age!

Have you ever wondered what it could be like if there were two of you?

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If There Were Two Of Me

Chigger, Chigger Go Away!

I’m surprised I’ve been able to carry out any task this summer with all the scratching.  To date, four bouts with chiggers.  I usually don’t have problems with chiggers or ticks invading my space.  This year not so much.  Those minuscule, undetected specks with daggers for teeth and legs like Greyhounds that transport them from one area to another within seconds have hit upon my last nerve!

I suppose my sympathetic ‘Namaste’ sensed my frustration and maybe feared our visits were in jeopardy as the next time we were together, she introduced her captive.  The thoughts running through my mind were:  First, how in the world did she see and snag it?  And two, so this is what they look like?

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This Is What They Look Like…

One evening while talking to Bryant on the phone, I mention to him a plan I’m working on to eradicate chiggers from the area.  Perhaps out of concern in regards to my plan, he suggests something he’s been using for years to ward off ticks.  Then acts surprised that he’s never shared the information with me before.  I’m surprised too, my friend!

The product is quickly ordered and put to the test.  I visit the same pastures where the chiggers previously located my ankles.  I’m stunned, not one chigger bite.  I’m a believer!  Oh, the product is Skin So Soft.  I know, who would have thought?!

And The Sweat Rolls!

As we crawl out of July into August, the temperature, humidity, and lack of tolerance for posing by our usual, “ham horses,” all increase.   You know it’s a hot one when just standing still produces beads of sweat.  I can’t imagine anyone or thing liking these temperatures.  Maybe lizards.

While photographing the other day my clothes became damp from the sweat rolling off my forehead.  The shots were too beautiful to stop though!  I like to think of it like “sweating off the pounds.”  I’m not sure about this theory, but it makes me feel better while I’m at the peak of suffering.

Our horse friends activity has been reduced to grazing, standing, and laying.  ‘Namaste’ and her friends have a lot of “down time” during these hotter months, and I don’t blame them.  No one wants to exert too much energy in this type of weather.  I figure since they can’t provide the entertainment we’ve become accustomed to, we’ll have to surprise you with stories from elsewhere.  We already have a few in mind and are looking forward to sharing them.

Thank you for being patient with us!

If you haven’t found Bryant and Darlene’s Facebook page yet, follow this link and be sure to like, follow and share!  We’re working on their own website and will let you know when it is ready.  They’re going to be sharing some awesome information and stories!


Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

Look what we were doing last year at this time! 



(Note:  The photo of the Oklahoma Chigger is a copy of a picture posted on Facebook.  Obviously this is meant as a humerous part of the story and is in no way fact nor do we represent as such.)