The Great Outdoors!  Let’s put both “hoofs” in and start enjoying Spring.  We’ve been experiencing some of the “hot spots” on the new place.  Our spa, the buffet area, the swimming hole and exercise track.

Did I miss “Pamper Your Horse Day?”  It appears I may have.  ‘Sugar Baby’ had her friend Austen, and apparent groomer, working overtime.  She knows how to work those humans.  I watched as she had him brush her from head to tail.  When she couldn’t stand any longer, down she went, taking him with her and expecting the brushing to continue.  Wow, she has him wrapped around her little “hoof.”

Then she came, the supervisor, ‘Lil Tenne.”  Or that’s what she thinks she is anyway.  Our boss.  After looking the situation over she felt comfortable and moved on to me.  I was busy trying to put my teeth marks into the red bucket.  Why?  No particular reason.  It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  One of those “I was here” kind of moments you know?

The salt block was her next stop.  I’m going to let you in on a secret about her and that salt block.  She’s messy!  Usually ‘Sugar Baby’ and I will try to clean up before we go to licking.  We don’t like leaving dirt and debris all over the block.  Not so with ‘Lil Tenne!’  Whatever dirt was on those lips of hers is sure to be left on the block by the time she is finished.  We may have to see about adding another block strictly for her use.

Then we’re off to the pond.  My turn to annoy ‘Lil Tenne.’  I stood beside her and began pawing the water.  In a matter of seconds I had small waves formed.  What a look she gave me!  My waves were making it hard for her to get a drink.  And she seemed irritated.  But guess what?  I was having a grand time and isn’t that what matters?!

I had water jumping up in every direction.  My horse mama taught me to paw until the fresher water surfaced.  And I did just that.  Then I got to wondering if this swimming hole has any of those “catfish” in it that my buddy enjoys feeding so much?

And then my right hoof in, my right hoof out.  Oh, wait for it, my left hoof in.  I had a blast!  Then I had to slow things down for a minute and get a sip of cool, refreshing water.  Fantastic, and definitely worth the work!  The next step?  Of course, one must lay down.  Then I heard the pond call to me and I did just that.  Down I went.  Whoa, that was exhilarating!

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Naturally, I had to shake all the excess water from my hair.  No better place to do that than next to ‘Lil Tenne.’  A shake here, a shake there.  A few minutes later and I hit dry ground.

Stop, drop, roll!  Poor ‘Mamma D,’ she had me brushed out so pretty.  I did feel terrible for messing her work up.  But now that I am wet and cool I feel the need to run.  My legs start moving and before long I’m running so fast I feel like I can almost fly.  Like an Eagle.  I can feel the wind beneath my mane!

When days like these come along it makes missing my horse mama and daddy a little more manageable.  A good brushing, visits with our human friends, some good eating, and a good old fashion pond swim.  It looks like life on the new home place, Bar D Ranch – Spanish Mustangs has promise!  Now it’s time for a nap and some sweet “feed” dreams.

The link below is from one year ago today and wow, it’s hard to believe how much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

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