Finally, some sunshine after all the rain over the past several days.  Dripping from mane and tail it seemed like we would never dry, but we did.  Standing around waiting for dry spells left a bunch of time to stand around and think.  This filly’s mind trotted down memory lane, and I began missing my horse mama and my pops!

My mama, “Chickasaw Princess” is busy I’m sure.  She does have the new little one to care for, and I’m still not sure about my feelings on that.  It seems to me the oldest should have a say in whether the new baby can stay or go.  I’m not too worried.  I’ve seen the pictures of her.  Hoofs down, I look more like my parents than her!  I’ve got the same lines on my legs as my mama.  And I definitely have my daddy’s markings.  I’m not sure on personality yet, as I’ve not been around the new one very much.  Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping a watch on her, and we’ll find out soon.

Then I got to thinking about my daddy, “Documentary.”  Gosh, it’s hard to be a daddy’s girl from this far away.  However, from what I hear he’s missing me too.  I’m going to have to visit him one of these days.  ‘Mamma D’ says that isn’t going to happen until I can cooperate better on the halter and lead rope.  Sorry daddy, it could be a while.

Okay, then there’s all of my aunts I had to leave behind.  My Aunt “Lonesome Dove” who was the “horsesitter.”  Always watching out to make sure we didn’t wander off too far.  Our Aunt “Stitches” who made sure we were scolded when we were misbehaving.  She never missed seeing any of it either.  Like she had eyes on the back of her head!

Aunt “HB Tennessee” who is the mama to ‘Lil Tenne.”  She was the boss.  Sometimes she even bossed my daddy around.  Always telling us where to stand, eat and walk.  Occasionally, her and my mama would have a “horse-kicking” session, and then things would be calm and quiet again.  There are times ‘Lil Tenne’ acts a lot like her mama!

These winter months are rough on a horse when the pasture isn’t producing sweet, green grass!  My buddy Bryant and his helpers turn into delivery drivers, bringing hay and feed to us to keep us going until spring.  Now we wait for the growing season to begin.

Over here in the new place, we spend a lot of time at the gate where our new friends visit.  Keeps us feeling secure.  That is until we see ‘Mamma D’ and her helpers, Randy and Austen coming.  What do you think that means?  Yes!  It’s time to eat.  Moving us hasn’t lightened our appetites or love for the sight of the feed bucket at all.

We are told Sunday is a holiday called Easter.  We’ve heard two different stories about this holiday, one about Jesus which we like.  And one about rabbits and eggs. We’re not familiar with eggs, so no need to have those delivered to our pasture.  And I can assure you we aren’t big “hunters” so the game of “egg hunting” isn’t very appealing.  As for the rabbits.  Well, the ones we see don’t bring us baskets of anything, they usually come to eat our leftovers. However, we will be looking for the little critters to see if anything changes on that particular day.

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Happy Trails to you and yours,

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’