The Barn

‘Namaste’  The meaning: “The Spirit Within Me Bows to the Spirit Within You.”

Take a ride with us and experience ‘Namaste’s’ adventures with her.  She welcomes you to join her as she explores her surroundings, discovers her history, and watches the daily responsibilities of her buddy Bryant and ‘Mamma D.’

‘Namaste’ enjoys sharing pictures and videos of her family and friends.  You may even find yourself included in one of her pieces.

A horse lover and the desire to rid everyday obligations for a few minutes is all that is required to enter our barn.  Fun stories, good times, and a laugh now and then are what we hope to provide.  And of course, there’s usually something unexpected around every barn.

A Rickman Spanish Mustang friend?  Here is where you’ll find updates on today’s activity, future endeavors, and keepsake photos and history expanding back to the Gilbert H. Jones’ days! 

We look forward to riding the trail with you.

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Much Love, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’